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Episode 4 "Bridal Trends | Every Body is a Bridal Body Podcast"


We are dropping an extra episode this week!

Enough about's time to get into what you really want to hear about--BRIDAL TRENDS! Tash and Kass discuss 2023 Bridal Trends back from Spring Runway in NYC, Paris and Milan. Some of our favorite trends are out this year....and some not so much. But that fashion pendulum is in full swing this upcoming season. Be sure to head to our socials when this episode drops to tell us your thoughts. We want to know 2 things--which trend(s) are you most excited for as well as what hue of color do you think 'Chartreuse' is?

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[00:00:17.860] - Natasha

Hello, bridal beauties. I hope you are all doing wonderful today. Kass and I are here just plugging along on our normal Mondays, getting things done, getting jiggy with it. Oh, getting jiggy with it. So we figured the last few episodes, we've kind of talked a lot about us kind of spreading the word of who we are, what we do, our why's, our designers, all of that fun stuff. But today we're thinking of kind of doing some 2023 bridal trends.

[00:00:53.810] - Kassidy

And as we rebooted, as we are recording this sorry, New York Fashion Week is going on.

[00:01:03.460] - Natasha

It sure is. New York bridal Fashion Week will be live in mid October-ish and once we kind of get some updates from the newer Bridal Fashion Week, we'll make notes, do another follow up. This one--the nice thing about bridal. Even though we do a spring and fall collection, the trends are kind of a universal for, like, the year, things might slightly change, like they might do for fall, like legit fall. Things like a little bit more sleeve or an overlay, like bolero jacket or shawl or something to kind of make it fall. Like maybe enrich the colors a little more. But the universal trend itself usually stays about the same.

[00:01:51.400] - Kassidy

Yeah. They take the trend and switch it up for whatever season, but the trend stays the same.

[00:01:58.450] - Natasha

Yeah. So when I did research for 23 Trends, it was from a lot of the famous bridal magazines like, Martha Stewart magazine. A lot of those archive articles are up on the websites that they had written back in April and May about trends they saw in all the various fashion weeks, from, like, Chicago to Barcelona to London, at the Harrogate Market to New York. So they kind of encompassed all the trends. And I'm here for modern trends.

[00:02:35.510] - Kassidy


[00:02:36.270] - Natasha

I feel like we're graduating from what's expected to wear whatever the hell you want. It's your body, it's your wedding, it's your life.

[00:02:48.480] - Kassidy

You're the one that has to look at the pictures for the rest of your life.

[00:02:51.040] - Natasha

Absolutely. So there's definitely some trends still that will please Moms and Grandma.

[00:02:58.120] - Kassidy


[00:02:59.440] - Natasha

But we are progressing and understanding that you don't have to follow and do what is expected of you anymore. It's okay to be authentically yourself in whatever capacity that is. Like we talked about with our previous episode, our Julie Vino designer is all about the sheer nakey naked looks.

[00:03:22.230] - Kassidy

Oh, yeah.

[00:03:22.830] - Natasha

If you want to rock that, go for it. If you want a black dress, go for it.

[00:03:26.430] - Kassidy

If you want red, green, blue, you name it.

[00:03:28.840] - Natasha

Yeah. If you want the full rainbow, let's do it. We are all about it.

[00:03:33.370] - Kassidy

I'm here for that, so but, yeah.

[00:03:35.250] - Natasha

We wanted to take episode four to kind of halt just about me and Kass and the store, but give you guys just some fun input on the cool trends we're seeing in 23. That can maybe inspire you in what you're looking for on your wedding day, whether you're currently engaged in planning or knowing an engagement coming at some point. Yes. And you want to start planning like Miss Kass over there.

[00:04:00.110] - Kassidy

I'm trying. I mean, I know he's been looking at rings and we've got our designer coming in end of this month. Beginning of next month for our trunk show, so I actually have an appointment set up.

[00:04:14.770] - Natasha

Yeah, she does. And it may be selfish of my husband and I because we're like this boy for two years has been saying, oh yeah, don't worry, we're going to get married before you're 26. She turned 25 this year in May, guys. So 26 is not that far away.

[00:04:29.890] - Kassidy

And I'm scared, I need insurance. But we're taking advantage of the designer being here and all the gowns, so I'm going to have a group come in and try on gowns. Most likely just kind of reassuring me. I mean, I know what dress I love the most.

[00:04:49.350] - Natasha

Yes, but you'll do the nice thing and letting families see you try on other styles. But Mama Bear over here knows exactly what this woman wants, so I will not let her settle for anything less.

[00:05:03.070] - Kassidy


[00:05:03.780] - Natasha

Even if other people have opinions, I'm going to say sucks to suck.

[00:05:07.360] - Kassidy


[00:05:07.950] - Natasha

You're not the one wearing it. Once her boobs out, let her boobies be out.

[00:05:11.760] - Kassidy

Oh, I love cleavage.

[00:05:13.390] - Natasha

If I had cleavage, I would love it too.

[00:05:15.780] - Kassidy


[00:05:16.270] - Natasha

But I don't.

[00:05:17.890] - Kassidy

One day you will.

[00:05:19.110] - Natasha

One day. But also I'm terrified to spend money on that.

[00:05:23.220] - Kassidy


[00:05:24.640] - Natasha

One, I've had so many involuntary surgeries for health. Why do I want to be knocked out by anesthesia when I have flatlined from it before? Two, It's maintenance. You got to redo that shit like every eight to twelve years.

[00:05:39.210] - Kassidy

For a second I thought you're talking about Sean maintenance.

[00:05:43.010] - Natasha

She calls my husband maintenance all the time. No, like in legit maintenance to care for.

[00:05:48.600] - Kassidy

Yeah, so I feel like they've came a long way, though.

[00:05:54.160] - Natasha

Yeah. Someday I'll talk to a plastic surgeon when I have the money, just to see if it's something I want to do and it's something younger me was really adamant to do. And now the older I get, I'm like I'll just make fun of myself because I can. But you know what? I've got an ass, so at least I'm balanced somewhere.

[00:06:13.500] - Kassidy


[00:06:13.960] - Natasha

Nobody wants to see ass cleavage, though. It's not pretty. I mean, the whale tail was cool when I was in high school.

[00:06:19.990] - Kassidy

I feel like it's starting to come back and I don't like it.

[00:06:22.530] - Natasha

Well, but they're making things that way. Like skirts and stuff.

[00:06:25.110] - Kassidy

Have whale tails is weird.

[00:06:27.640] - Natasha

Listen, gen Z or after that is Gen alpha, because my kids are alphas.

[00:06:33.710] - Kassidy

Is that a thing?

[00:06:34.840] - Natasha

Yeah, the generation under Z is alpha. Wow, high stomach.

[00:06:40.010] - Kassidy

Dang. I heard that through my headphones. Wow.

[00:06:43.690] - Natasha

But I mean, alpha that my kids are in. I think they are. I'll have to look up the years.

[00:06:50.970] - Kassidy

I don't know.

[00:06:51.790] - Natasha

All I know is these gen z kids are bringing back trends in everyday clothes I'm not ecstatic about.

[00:06:59.050] - Kassidy

Yeah, I know.

[00:06:59.910] - Natasha

I'm curious how that will trickle into Bridal. Because at least in some of the stuff, I mean, we wrote down the notes of the most common trends that at least all the major bridal magazines have reported on and what we've seen too, between our designers and what they say. There's definitely offshoots of these trends that others have found depending on the clients that they're writing for in their magazine articles and their blog posts and everything.

[00:07:24.580] - Kassidy


[00:07:25.180] - Natasha

But I do think that the early 2000s trends will be coming back. We're going to be seeing a lot of those rouching dresses that look like mummies, as people here called it the mummy dress. There's probably going to be a lot of pickups again with like flowers and feathers and I think so. I really think that stuff's coming.

[00:07:45.870] - Kassidy


[00:07:46.420] - Natasha

So I won't be surprised if it does. But we're here to talk about the trends that aren't so early 2000s. Cause guys, my bubble hem dresses from high school with the zebra prints and the glitter and the like hot pink or ultraviolet purple sashes, let's not bring those back, right? Because and low rise jeans, nobody wants those. Nobody wants those guys.

[00:08:12.670] - Kassidy


[00:08:13.410] - Natasha

So please don't implement the lowrise jean version of Bridal wear into Bridal. Again, let's progress.

[00:08:20.890] - Kassidy

Like an extreme drop waist, those extreme drop waste.

[00:08:24.730] - Natasha

They're hard. They're hard to wear. Guys. So we're going to talk about though, the trends we are excited about.

[00:08:30.480] - Kassidy

Oh, absolutely.

[00:08:32.510] - Natasha

Did you know that one of the big colors is blue? Blue hues, guys?

[00:08:37.600] - Kassidy

Which is so interesting.

[00:08:39.710] - Natasha

First off, blue is a beautiful color.

[00:08:41.940] - Kassidy

It's stunning.

[00:08:43.240] - Natasha

And for all of those traditionalists out there who have grandmothers and mothers saying they need to wear white because it is the sign of purity False, it's blue. Fun fact, most people wore color because you could rewear it. People with money who had affluent, you know, status in the court, especially if it was back in those time periods, they went to all sorts of balls, formal occasions that they needed to wear dresses. So they usually got a dress that was in a color if it was a young girl. So girls just out, just taken out like, hey, guess what guys? My daughter's like 16. She's ready to look for her husband. She's a debutante.

[00:09:28.450] - Kassidy

Bring me your best cow.

[00:09:30.060] - Natasha

Exactly. If they presented her and she got married fairly quickly within like a season or two, as far as my recollection, it would be soft pastel colors, like soft pink, soft yellow. Things that very much showed off how young and innocent she was. But if you really wanted as a family to showcase the fact that your virgin daughter is available for purchase. Once she was purchased, she would wear a blue dress to let everybody know how pure she was. And it was a soft blue, guys. So that's why I love that there's a blue hue. We're doing the original traditional color. If you can find a tradition in colors of what purity and virginity was.

[00:10:14.580] - Kassidy

And another fun fact. If your grandma or mother tries to tell you that black is a funeral color, back in the day, it was white.

[00:10:25.330] - Natasha

White was the original funeral color. It is still that way in India. It's why their brides do not wear white. It is the color of mourning because it represents the soul that our soul is a bright white when it leaves the body. And historically, white was a funeral color. So if you were the older bride, you got to wear deeper, richer tones, like jewel tones, velvet. If you were royal, you could wear velvet. And then as time went on, if you were in the court and had money and could afford velvet, but it was much richer, jewel tone hues. Like, even some were black because it was a color you could rewear. So color is making a comeback. The main trend was blue hues. And then a side note of that was colored in general. So, like, appliques that have a lot of color of, like, red flowers, pink flowers, lots of greens, a lot of jewel tones. So colors are making a huge impact going forward. I mean, think about it. We are out of a pandemic for the most part. We're still living with it day to day, but we're learning how to adapt. It has changed economies.

[00:11:41.310] - Natasha

Like, things are skyrocketing in price, guys. Everybody's got to raise prices in every industry to try and recoup all the loss from that as well as now cover all the added costs of inflation, of taxes when things hit borders. If you're importing from overseas, there's war happening in Russia and Ukraine. That is affecting a lot of the globe. So in all of these things, it makes sense that color gowns would come back because, one, you can make color look bridal, absolutely, 100,000%. But two, depending on the silhouette of gown you get, you can repurpose it and have it as a re wearable.

[00:12:23.370] - Kassidy

Design, have it as a sundress, take it on a cruise for that nice night.

[00:12:27.850] - Natasha

Yeah. If you guys have anniversary dinner and you go to a really nice restaurant, you can find ways to re-wear it. And I think and truly believe that's where things are going to go. Because if prices are raising and people really have to budget ahead of time to make a purchase, such as a wedding dress, get multiuse out of it. If your groom or significant other chooses to wear a suit, they usually find a suit and buy one that is classic and something they can rewear. To future weddings, to future, like formal dinners, special occasions. We want to encourage brides to do the same.

[00:13:09.000] - Kassidy


[00:13:09.880] - Natasha

So colored gowns kind of give you that option. Again, depending on the silhouette you have, it can be shortened like Kass said, maybe be worn as, like a sundress. If it's more of a fitted style, you could have the train cut off so it's still floor length, like a gala dress. Or you could have it's shortened to above the knees to have it more like a mini dress. But you can find ways to repurpose your dress. So if you're investing that amount of money, you can rewear it as often as you can find a reason to.

[00:13:39.600] - Kassidy

Not only that, a lot of religions around here have children baptized, and you can take your gown and have it be made into a baptismal dress for your daughter. Or I'm sure there's even a way to turn it into a cute little outfit for your boy.

[00:13:56.670] - Natasha

Yeah. So if you're looking for ways to reuse it, we'll definitely throw every idea to you. But one of the things we loved about the blue hues as well as the colored dresses in general, is they're giving you as a bride the opportunity to find a multiuse with your dress like it used to be. Because even families historically who didn't have a lot of money that were still the everyday working people, they always wore essentially their Sunday best. Whatever they would wear to a church service is what they wore when they got married. And most people only had one formal outfit. So that's kind of the perk of having a colorful dress. I understand that can be hard if Family Dynamic tells you otherwise, but we encourage you to kind of explore your options in color and see if color gives you that added feeling of being a bride. Some don't feel that in an all white dress. They just kind of feel washed out. They feel like it's basic. So if you have been trying styles on and you have yet to find the right style of wedding dress for you, explore color options. If blue is too bold or reds and pinks and greens are also too bold, try a softer undertone, like a champagne that's either in a pink tone or champagne, luscious tone.

[00:15:19.010] - Natasha

You can do cappuccinos, which are a little bit richer and a little bit more nudes and brown tones. So just explore with color. You're going to be seeing a lot more color out there. And we're always got our store full of color. So if you need color, we got your back, girl.

[00:15:38.210] - Kassidy

A handful of our designers can even customize it and make a color for you. If you want a green, they can make a green.

[00:15:47.400] - Natasha

Yes. Let's do it. You want purple?

[00:15:49.560] - Kassidy


[00:15:50.400] - Natasha

Yeah. You want to try and, like, get a smoky, quartz look with, like, black and purple and gray tulle layers?

[00:15:59.360] - Kassidy


[00:15:59.940] - Natasha

We'll do that, too.

[00:16:01.090] - Kassidy

We're here for it.

[00:16:02.190] - Natasha

So leading into that now, one thing that I love is they're coming back with elaborate ball gowns. And the reason I'm bringing this after color is because I was saying how color historically could be reworn. There was a purpose for it again, historically. And something I looked at because I did fashion forecasting during the pandemic before the store opened, because that is a significant global issue that's going to impact fashion. And if you historically look back at history of clothing and how fashion trends came about, it's usually influenced by what's going on in the world.

[00:16:36.900] - Kassidy


[00:16:37.720] - Natasha

So elaborate ballgowns are becoming huge again because of the pandemic. Back even when there were other global health issues that kind of like pandemics. I mean, the last big one to this one was the Spanish flu in the late teens, early 1920s time frame. Then things were not influenced as much in ballgown just because women were sick of being told by men what to wear. And it was lots of corsets, lots of full styles. That's why things went so sheath style. So like boyish figure, because women were tired of having manipulated curves. They wanted to just be naturally themselves and not highlight anything. But outside of that time of a pandemic, in others giant cage dress, ball gowns came about because it naturally made social distancing possible without measuring on the ground. If you're far enough apart yeah.

[00:17:39.580] - Kassidy

Your dress creates your own 6ft.

[00:17:41.560] - Natasha

Yes. And we've got dresses with six foot trains absolutely. That encompass like our one ballgown Florence from Elizabeth Lee has a six foot train. And we joked when we had her in store when we first opened that she was at that moment social distancing dress because we were supposed to stay 6ft apart. So if anybody was closer to the bride than what the train length was, they knew they were too close. So those elaborate ballgowns, I think, are making a comeback because it naturally gives you space from others because it's really hard to hug somebody in a full ball gown. Guys, there's a lot of material, it's so tough. So you're going to kind of have your ass back one way and you're going to fold in half the hug to kind of get there. So elaborate ball gowns, you're going to be seeing a lot more of it's just in that pendulum swing of fashion. We were influenced by a pandemic, and Royal Family is always in the media and we are filming this after Queen Elizabeth has passed away. So that's even going to influence more. I think, historically, looking back at Royal Family trends, maybe what even the queen wore, and that can even start being influencing.

[00:18:49.590] - Kassidy

I just saw an article about all the details on her wedding.

[00:18:53.660] - Natasha

So a lot of those things are going to start trickling. But if you are sick of the sleek, non ornate styles, just know the pendulum swing is coming back in your favor.

[00:19:06.900] - Kassidy


[00:19:07.680] - Natasha

There's going to be massive ball gowns with all of the details. Everything and the kitchen sink is going to be on these dresses. The massive trains, all of the beading, the very tight cinched waist from corsetry to I've seen a lot of the Basque waist, which is where it points in the front of your top. And that's what gives that huge Marie Antoinette look of over the top skirts, where your hips look nice and full because your waist looks so tiny and just poof.

[00:19:36.240] - Kassidy

Absolutely. And your wedding is the day that you get to be extra. How often do you get to be extra in your life?

[00:19:43.440] - Natasha

Very rarely. So if you wanted some extra-ness in your life, look for those elaborate ball gowns coming out.

[00:19:50.040] - Kassidy

I love it.

[00:19:51.640] - Natasha

So after that, there are some things that we have in store that we're excited to see becoming trends. We talked to you about sheer fabrics that Julie Vino does. So you're going to be seeing a lot more sheer fabrics. So if you are more brazen and bold, you'll be able to wear a lot more of those styles than what have already been out. So kind of keep your eye out for those. We also are getting a lot of mock necks, so, like, turtleneck looking tops. Thank you, Ms. Paris Hilton, for bringing that bridal trend back. So it is going to be a level of conservatory in the front, but a lot of these designers are kind of spicing it up in the back, where it's like, oh, yeah, you got full coverage in the front up to your neck. Guess what? Your whole back is exposed.

[00:20:35.190] - Kassidy

Yeah. With, like, some beautiful beaded details.

[00:20:38.660] - Natasha

Our Tanya Grig designer has been doing quite a few of those. So they're very, like, va-va-voom cathedral ball gown, elaborate, full, like, leg of mutton kind of sleeves where it's really tight fitting on the arm to the elbow and then it poofs. And then the high mock necks, they have a keyhole back with, like, drapey beads. Guys they're so pretty.

[00:20:59.020] - Kassidy

It's so beautiful.

[00:20:59.620] - Natasha

So if you want to just be like, a queen on your wedding day, these mock necks, these elaborate ball gowns, are coming back in your favor to give you that royal look and keeping you conservative so you're not showing all the goodies. Not everybody wants to show their goodies. So we're here to help give you that level of feeling comfortable and modest, but also kind of pushing boundaries a little bit if you want to be a little bit sexy.

[00:21:24.310] - Kassidy

Oh, yeah.

[00:21:25.270] - Natasha

So our mock necks are great for that. A lot of them are going to have some type of OpenBack, some type of keyhole back that you can kind of get best of both worlds. But I'm really excited that capes are becoming big again.

[00:21:40.810] - Kassidy


[00:21:41.560] - Natasha

Because some people thought we were crazy for bringing capes in when I opened.

[00:21:45.390] - Kassidy

Oh, yeah.

[00:21:45.940] - Natasha

Because my European designers had capes.

[00:21:48.310] - Kassidy

Absolutely. And they're so fun. A lot of people don't like veils. If they've got a beautiful hairstyle, they don't want a veil in it. They don't want to try to battle the gown. But, yeah, it's also another way to give that veil look and capture these beautiful photo moments that a lot of people do with veils. But veils are kind of going under the radar. I mean, it's not much a common thing anymore.

[00:22:19.150] - Natasha

No, they have their reasons for tradition and being worn, and certain religions still require a veil to be worn on the wedding day by their brides. But for the everyday American bride, veils are a fun accessory piece. If you want to add color to your look, like, with a colorful veil that keeps the dress more traditional. If you like the drama of a cathedral length veil that's, like, 120 inches long, love it. So veils are great, but if you are like me and having too many bobby pins, hair ties, things in your hair gives you a headache, and you don't have a formal updo to really anchor in that veil, go with a cape.

[00:23:06.100] - Kassidy

Oh, yeah.

[00:23:06.970] - Natasha

It highlights your shoulders, kind of helps frame your upper body, and it'll give.

[00:23:12.520] - Kassidy

You a power moment.

[00:23:13.740] - Natasha

It does. Like, you look like a queen.

[00:23:16.050] - Kassidy


[00:23:16.570] - Natasha

When you walk in the room you'll rule the world, we are here for capes, and it is a great way to accessorize your dress and give it a completely different look without wearing a veil that you might have to fight if you're outside and the wind is blowing and it's blowing into your face. If you're just not a traditional veil person, but you like the drama that they can bring.

[00:23:36.790] - Kassidy


[00:23:37.470] - Natasha

Capes can either be full capes that go around the neck, that sit on the shoulder point. They can attach just onto the shoulder because we have some that kind of rest with, like, a shoulder pad that gives you that very queen powerhouse look with, like, very strong shoulders. But we also have some that hook right onto like, if you have a tank strap, they'll hook an eye right there. So it's like little caplets off the shoulder point, whether they're inset or detachable. But we have all variations of capes. We love a good cape.

[00:24:10.650] - Kassidy

So good.

[00:24:11.340] - Natasha

So it is one of those trends that you can easily implement into your look to give you that multi look without spending a whole lot of money. But I don't know. There's just so many fun styles. I'm, like, all excited to talk about all of them, and I'm like, I don't want this to be a three hour thing where I'm like, are you ready to hear about this?

[00:24:33.560] - Kassidy

So many trends, and we talk so long.

[00:24:35.580] - Natasha

We do. So one that I think Kass really like is oversized florals.

[00:24:43.020] - Kassidy

Oh, absolutely.

[00:24:45.640] - Natasha

Kass is all about the large floral appliques.

[00:24:48.990] - Kassidy

I love it. The gown that I love has these massive velvet roses on it. I love it with glitter. Glitter. Glitter and velvet.

[00:24:57.270] - Natasha

Yeah. If you needed to describe Kass, it's glitter and comfortability, which is usually what you feel when you touch velvet.

[00:25:05.970] - Kassidy


[00:25:06.870] - Natasha

It doesn't look comfortable because it's a very thick, sturdy, draped material. It's a very heavy handed material, but it's stunning.

[00:25:15.410] - Kassidy

So pretty.

[00:25:16.350] - Natasha

So these oversized florals are just so fun because it gives a new take on traditional lace, which a lot of the dainty, smaller floral motifs are going by the wayside people want to be more bold. I feel like everything coming out for 23 is just bold.

[00:25:34.870] - Kassidy


[00:25:35.340] - Natasha

It's just a variation of the statement. So whatever your statement is in detail, the oversized florals will give you a lot of volume without actually having a full dress. A lot of these large florals are on some type of an a-line style that have at least what I've seen. A lot of those dramatic corseted like strapless dresses. But then, like, these skirts are just covered in florals as big as my face. So good. And it's a fun way because a lot of those large florals are all ivory. So if you want to stay traditional in color, but you want to feel fashion forward a little bit bold, but you're like, I don't want color. I don't want to be sheer. I don't want to cape. Looking for some large florals.

[00:26:24.960] - Kassidy

Yeah. And another trend that's coming that also kind of goes with the large florals is 3D florals.

[00:26:33.300] - Natasha

Yes. Which 3D florals have become, I feel, like, a staple piece in the last few years.

[00:26:38.730] - Kassidy

Oh, yeah.

[00:26:39.370] - Natasha

Just because you can have such a huge impact with your dress if it is essentially popping off of you. If it looks 3D.

[00:26:48.810] - Kassidy


[00:26:49.530] - Natasha

And our one dress that we have with 3D florals are already dressed by Elizabeth Lee. She's got a fun detachable over skirt. So if you want to look like you've got an A line ball gown dress, and then you can whip it off, and it's a sexy fitted very much inspired by Israeli designers like Galia and Berta, and it's just oh, my gosh, she is such a beautiful dress. So we're always excited to see 3D florals. Kass and I are very much flower people.

[00:27:20.620] - Kassidy

Oh, yeah.

[00:27:21.750] - Natasha

We've got I mean, our accent wall that you can take pictures in front of for your I found the dress holding sign has handpainted flowers.

[00:27:32.590] - Kassidy

They're stunning.

[00:27:33.870] - Natasha

We'll have to do pictures and stuff so you guys can see. Make sure that even if you guys go on our website and you look at anything about the appointment or the shop, you'll see pictures there that Kass took of the store that are really pretty flowers for me, I love the way they look. Like, they're just such an organic look, and they kind of match all sorts of scenery. Like, they can look really formal for a ballroom atmosphere anywhere. Yeah. They look obviously flawless in any type of garden setting in a church. They can be and especially with coloring, it can be great for spring weddings. It can also be great for fall winter weddings. So 3D flowers are a really fun way to have an impact. And if large floral patterning is too bold for you, but you like the look of floral lace, 3D can be great because most of the time they aren't huge as your face type 3D, they're going to be.

[00:28:33.900] - Kassidy

But there are some that are kind of coming like that.

[00:28:36.210] - Natasha

There are. So with Claire's dresses, she's got a cape. Is it the Desert Rose cape that attaches at the shoulder points? Like we said, was, like, hook and eyes, like, capelet style, but the bottom is, like, the stuff of pinterest dreams with these large 3D silk handmade floral motifs that are literally bigger than your face.

[00:29:00.010] - Kassidy

They're like this beautiful blush color. Oh, my gosh, it's so pretty. Nice.

[00:29:05.160] - Natasha

They're gorgeous. And that's a fun way. Like, you can find ways to mix these trends where you're like, oh, my God, I love flowers, I love capes, I love color. With Claire, you can do all three. Why am I drawing a blank of the dress that I tried on with Claire that the cape goes with? Is the dress also Desert Rose? Yeah, she's got, like, desert Moon and desert rose. Yeah, Desert Rose is the colored one, but Desert Moon is, like, the all ivory, I think. But yeah, this dress is just it's got so many rich, like, pinks and greens on it. It's very vintage. I wore it in one of our TikToks. So if you follow us on Tik Tok and go to the zodiac signs that we did on the video I was in I did it for the taurus look, which Kass and I are taurus. So we felt like it encompassed a taurus in, like, the earthy tones, you know, the flowers and everything. It really encompasses the concept of the sign. It's something I would have worn. Kass loved it, too. It's not Kass silhouette, but the details. I know, she yeah.

[00:30:12.600] - Kassidy

If it could be an aline, that would be perfect.

[00:30:14.800] - Natasha

Yeah. So it's just fun to find ways to mix these up. And if there are certain trends you come in store with and you tell us, hey, I'm really loving the idea of this and that bridal trend, how can I integrate them together? We'll pull out all the stops. We'll show you how you can blend it. So all of these are great on their own, but we can also incorporate them together. If you love 3D flowers, but you also like a mock neck, we can combine those two. If you like sheer fabrics with color, we got you on that. One trend that kind of surprised me was mini bows.

[00:30:58.560] - Kassidy

I know. I kind of was expecting big bows.

[00:31:01.200] - Natasha

Well, because last year we had big bows.

[00:31:03.100] - Kassidy


[00:31:03.540] - Natasha

And I don't know if people. Were looking at those like, oh, God. Remember in the everybody had a giant bow on their butt.

[00:31:11.760] - Kassidy

I will.

[00:31:13.020] - Natasha

That's kind of where I think their brains were at with--mine's.

[00:31:16.200] - Kassidy

Going to have one.

[00:31:17.740] - Natasha

But, yeah, there's mini bows, which some of our Tanya Grig styles on the waistline, they've always had mini bows because it is a really cute way to accent a waistline, where you feel like you're kind of wearing a belt without wearing a rhinestone belt. If you're not into the rhinestone belt, those are kind of a classic staple we'll always have in store. But they haven't really been popular of late. They kind of got burnout and wearing those types of belt details. But mini bows, we've seen on necklines. So if it's got low plunge necklines, I've seen them connecting the plunge down on top of a veil, like, very 1960s, like, bouffant veil had, like, the little mini bows.

[00:31:57.040] - Kassidy

And if it's on, like, the waistline, I feel like it adds a little bit of a playful like it makes the dress a little bit more playful, a little bit younger.

[00:32:06.730] - Natasha

It does. And I feel like that's why Tanya pairs it with such bold necklines. Because Tanya has got a lot of plunge necks and they pair the mini bow with a plunge neck. So you've got this dramatic neckline to your waist opening. Yeah, it does have illusion netting there to keep it together, so you're not trying to tape it and keep your boobs in place. But the necklines do go down to the waistline and it just draws your eyes when you're like, wow, that's so low. And you're like, oh, my God, look at the cute little bow. So it's definitely a really sweet style. It's an easy thing you can incorporate even on accessories. So if you like mini bows, you just don't want it on the dress. You can have it on the veil, you can have it on sleeves that's attached. Kind of a deal. So we can help you find ways to incorporate such a cute detail. Mini balls would be, like, cute on little barrett or something in the hair.

[00:32:55.680] - Kassidy

That would be so cute to go off of the capes. A lot of gowns are having at the shoulder points, a little bit of a bow into, like, a little caplet.

[00:33:08.490] - Natasha

Like the.

[00:33:11.060] - Kassidy

Tails of the bow, like long lapels go down.

[00:33:13.080] - Natasha

Yeah, and we have that with some of our Tanya styles. Elizabeth Lee has some on some of their newer styles. So we can definitely help you incorporate both if you love them, but if you don't want them a permanent fix on the dress. We can give you that cute trendsetting style, but have it removable in some way. But, yeah, for some reason, that one surprised me. Same with asymmetrical. Yeah, because Asymmetrical is one of those fads that goes in and out so fast.

[00:33:44.100] - Kassidy

It really does.

[00:33:44.820] - Natasha

Whether it's a mullet skirt where it's like the short hemline in the front with the long train. Or it's asymmetrical on the top where you've got a long sleeve on one side and no sleeve on the other.

[00:33:56.920] - Kassidy

Yes, or like, a tank that's only on one side draped across.

[00:34:00.870] - Natasha

So asymmetrical surprised me just because I feel like that was popular only a few years ago, and I didn't really see many designers because it's when I was fashion forecasting and looking for designers for the shop in, like, 2019, if I remember. I remember seeing asymmetrical stuff and then.

[00:34:19.590] - Kassidy

Yep that sounds about right.

[00:34:20.640] - Natasha

And then right before I opened, one of the first brides that I had booked, her and I were text messaging before because she was adamant to have an asymmetrical. Long sleeve one side, no sleeve on the other. She loved this Kenneth Winston, if I remember right, style, which I don't carry that designer. He's one that's kind of overly saturated. His designs are beautiful. Like, very elegant beautiful.

[00:34:44.860] - Kassidy

I'll have to look him up.

[00:34:46.290] - Natasha

But I didn't carry him. So I was encouraging this bride because she booked, like, a month before I opened my doors to come in. Like, one of the first ones. But then her wedding was, like, six weeks after that, and I told her, maybe you should go shopping now. I'd love to help you because I'm a new business owner, but realistically, I can't get you anything, and I have nothing that looks like that. But some of the higher end designers are doing more asymmetrical look. So if you want to have a unique neckline, that's one way to do it. So it's very classic everywhere else, in silhouette, maybe in color and in shape, but you jazz it up in the neckline. I know some asymmetrical ones on me. Not being a very busty woman kind of helps draw the eye in a direction that it makes me feel bustier. I don't mind myself in plunge necks or more open necklines where I don't have a lot of cleavage. It doesn't have the same effect as someone who has a full bust. At least, I think. Not that it looks bad in any way, because it doesn't.

[00:35:50.640] - Natasha

It's just since I don't have a lot of asset there, I like more sweetheart necklines because it gives me the illusion of a shape. Yeah, but when I have tried on some asymmetrical ones, especially if it's asymmetrical, but still got a little bit of a cutout in between the two straps going to the shoulder point.

[00:36:08.010] - Kassidy

Oh, yeah.

[00:36:08.620] - Natasha

That kind of line makes me feel.

[00:36:11.170] - Kassidy

A lot bustier--that's really big right now, too.

[00:36:13.860] - Natasha

And I've seen a lot of those asymmetrical necklines be on sheer gowns with, like, a bodysuit. Like, Julie Vino had one in our trunk show that we did back in February. Remember that? I had Chelsea come in and try on. It was like the one long sleeve asymmetrical. This was like, the spiciest of spicy.

[00:36:32.310] - Kassidy

And wish I could fit in that gown.

[00:36:33.840] - Natasha

Yeah, it's like a dress a mistress would wear.

[00:36:36.790] - Kassidy


[00:36:38.060] - Natasha

It was hot. Like I said, it's fun. It's funny how you're like, oh, I see sheer styles all the time, and they seem to have asymmetrical or the bodysuits in it. And so it's funny how a lot of these things on their own, make an impact, but designers will try and combine as many of them together to really make a statement of the time that they came out.

[00:37:02.340] - Kassidy


[00:37:03.150] - Natasha

So I'm trying to think, oh, I think the last one we haven't done is off the shoulder.

[00:37:10.590] - Kassidy

I was just about to say that.

[00:37:12.940] - Natasha

Off the shoulder is a good one.

[00:37:14.430] - Kassidy

It's always just so pretty. It's a beautiful and I'm one I love collarbones. And it is a beautiful way to really accentuate that and highlight the collarbone.

[00:37:27.940] - Natasha

It is. And women's shoulders and collarbones are so sexy.

[00:37:33.630] - Kassidy


[00:37:35.810] - Natasha

It drives me crazy when in school, they tell you to to cover your shoulders because it's inappropriate. And I'm hard rolling my eyes like they can't control themselves over her shoulder.

[00:37:45.190] - Kassidy


[00:37:46.310] - Natasha

So in that context, shit drives me crazy. But when a woman puts on an off the shoulder dress and you get a little tease of her decoulitage, you see those collarbones popping in. You feel hot.

[00:38:02.890] - Kassidy

Oh, yeah.

[00:38:03.900] - Natasha

I mean, every chance I got as a child to make my dress off the shoulder, I did it.

[00:38:08.440] - Kassidy

I love it.

[00:38:09.060] - Natasha

I wanted to look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Or like Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Cinderella but me and the other thing.

[00:38:16.990] - Kassidy

Related, I just did my own thing.

[00:38:18.810] - Natasha

You always did your own thing.

[00:38:20.430] - Kassidy

Still do.

[00:38:21.160] - Natasha

Still do. But very traditional style. There's so many fun off the shoulders, whether it's a strapless dress with detachable sleeves that are just on your arms to give this illusion of off the shoulder, but you got full range of motion there's the portrait collars. So it kind of comes to a point right in the middle of your chest for like a sweetheart shape, but it goes around you. And it's usually a thicker band of off the shoulder in a portrait collar. It's very 1950s esque and just very classic. So if you're kind of looking for even Mad Men style, if you don't like the higher boat necks, a portrait collar can be another really good option if you want to keep within that theme. But with off the shoulder long sleeves, that's a style we had done for our Kassidy bride.

[00:39:08.550] - Kassidy


[00:39:09.190] - Natasha

And with our designer created it as a sample because it was such a beautiful dress that our bride had wanted, that we kind of updated it slightly. So hopefully we can let other brides, the few that we get in store, who like that kind of look to have something still unique but inspired by the beauty of one of our own brides. And it's a running through the castle look with these off the shoulder like flowy sleeves that have a beautiful cuff detail at the wrist. This little flare onto the hand has a beautiful plunge neck. It's got a little bit of rouching on the bodice to kind of help draw the eyes to the bust into your face. But it's made of this silky chiffon, and it just glistens in the light.

[00:39:59.760] - Kassidy

And as much as I love this gown, it's so pretty. It's a sensitive subject for me.

[00:40:04.270] - Natasha

My poor Kassidy wanted to design a dress and put her name on it, and we got a bride who made a custom dress before Kassidy got to make a dress, and it's named after her.

[00:40:13.470] - Kassidy

She beat me to it.

[00:40:14.380] - Natasha

She did. So we'll have to find another name.

[00:40:17.530] - Kassidy

Yeah. If anybody has some good recommendations, suggestions, put them in the comments. DM me, please, because I'm struggling. I, like, want to cry every time I put a bride in that gown.

[00:40:30.760] - Natasha

Because they're like, oh, my gosh, did you make this one? It's got your name.

[00:40:33.790] - Kassidy


[00:40:34.650] - Natasha

Nope it was a bride that we had the pleasure of meeting who had her name spelled the same way as our.

[00:40:40.630] - Kassidy

Kass, which is rare.

[00:40:42.220] - Natasha

It is so rare.

[00:40:43.380] - Kassidy

Nobody ever spells it with a K.

[00:40:48.110] - Natasha

But it's a beautiful dress.

[00:40:50.130] - Kassidy

It is really pretty.

[00:40:51.040] - Natasha

It is very pretty. So, yeah, guys, that's our 23 bridal trends.

[00:40:56.810] - Kassidy

In a nutshell, I'm excited for next.

[00:40:59.610] - Natasha

Year, and I'm excited to see what comes out in the next couple weeks from Bridal Fashion Week in New York and in Paris and Milan--and Milan. Just seeing what people are coming up with. So there's a lot of historical trends coming back in because of a pandemic. There's a lot of modernization happening for Re-wearable that's still historical, but it's very modern for us. We're really getting into all sorts of details. People are wanting a lot of detail oriented. There wasn't a lot of sleek, modern styles. Things are really covered in detail because I think we've had so much sleek and modern for a while that people need a little extra something.

[00:41:37.390] - Kassidy

Right. And no matter what, sleek and modern will never leave.

[00:41:42.190] - Natasha

No. You'll always be able to find those styles.

[00:41:44.590] - Kassidy

It's so timeless. It is in classic that it's always going to be yes.

[00:41:48.180] - Natasha

So they'll always pop up as a trend. Even though it's like a staple, like a little black dress, it's always going to be there.

[00:41:54.100] - Kassidy


[00:41:54.480] - Natasha

But if you like more fashion forward, if you like intricate detailing, always look at the bridal trends coming out for the year you're getting married because you'll find something that will probably encompass you and fit your personality that's a little bit more mainstream and attainable. If you can't afford or want to spend the money on a full custom gown where you get to choose exactly the details you want without following a trend. But trends really help guide you if you want to be relevant for the time you want to be bold and brazen and soft and sweet, they're there to guide you. They're like a handbook. Which we love.

[00:42:38.100] - Kassidy

Yes, but you never have to follow it.

[00:42:40.960] - Natasha

Absolutely not.

[00:42:41.700] - Kassidy

Always do your own thing.

[00:42:42.630] - Natasha

So we'll always share trends because it does influence the styles we bring in our stores. It does influence how we help brides find gowns based on what they're searching for, even if they don't know trends. Most of the time, people pick up on trends from everyday clothes, from what their friends or family have worn at recent weddings. So even if you don't know trends most of the time, you're probably going to end up choosing something that is affiliated with a trend unless you are fully customizing something yourself. Oh, yeah, but we're here for it. Whatever you want. Even if it is the early 2000's low rise jean version of a bridal dress. We'll help you attain it.

[00:43:20.200] - Kassidy

If you want a red, blue, or purple sash, we'll make it come true. I might secretly be judging it, but it's fine.

[00:43:28.240] - Natasha

We're not supposed to judge people, Kass.

[00:43:30.000] - Kassidy

I don't, but you might in that instance, yes.

[00:43:34.050] - Natasha

She'll be like, don't do it.

[00:43:35.860] - Kassidy

You don't want it.

[00:43:37.990] - Natasha

I mean, it's what I wanted way back when, but that was what was cool. The Alfred Angelo dress that I could choose by 50 different colors, and it was like the royal blue.

[00:43:46.780] - Kassidy

I can't even write 50 colors.

[00:43:49.990] - Natasha

Yeah, her and I have arguments on color names all the time.

[00:43:52.780] - Kassidy

Oh, my gosh. Here's a fun one. If you're listening to this podcast, comment anywhere. What is chartreuse to you?

[00:44:03.860] - Natasha

Because we do not agree on the hue of chartreuse by any means. We're on the opposite end of the spectrum.

[00:44:10.450] - Kassidy

And it's so funny because she did not know that. This is a big argument between millennials and Gen Z's.

[00:44:19.240] - Natasha

they say it's one of those mandela effects things.

[00:44:21.400] - Kassidy

Yeah. Because I, growing up, always thought chartreuse was more of, like, a magenta color. When Tash thinks it's like this, it's a yellow green, yellow green.

[00:44:32.710] - Natasha

My whole life, chartreuse has been a yellow green. And we even saw something the other day that was like, chartreuse green. And I was like, See? I freaking told you. And she's like, but they had to make a comment that it's green and not confuse people who think it's magenta. And I'm like, exactly. No, they're just emphasizing that chartreuse is a green tone.

[00:44:50.140] - Kassidy


[00:44:51.070] - Natasha

So if you all want to tell us what you think chartreuse is, it's going to turn into a debate. Like, do you see black and blue or white and gold?

[00:44:59.680] - Kassidy

Oh, that gown. I never saw the white and gold.

[00:45:03.880] - Natasha

You didn't? I always saw both. I just noticed what time it is. I got to go get my child in ten minutes.

[00:45:10.840] - Kassidy

Oh, I love it.

[00:45:13.840] - Natasha

We'll continue this probably bantering on the next episode, or we'll forget about it, and you guys can remind us in the comments or suggestion box.

[00:45:22.120] - Kassidy

I love it.

[00:45:22.840] - Natasha

But just remember, everybody, that every body is a bridal body. And we love you.

[00:45:28.270] - Kassidy

All love you. Be safe.

[00:45:30.090] - Natasha

Have a great day. Bye.

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