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Indicators of a High-Quality Bridal Shop

For any important service you're paying money for, evaluating your options is important -- and the world of bridal stores and wedding dresses is no exception. You have a number of choices out there for the bridal store you utilize when your big day is upcoming, and there are a few important qualities you should be looking for as you're evaluating your options.

At Versailles Atelier, we're proud to offer custom wedding dresses and numerous other bridal store services to our clients. We encourage prospective customers to compare our services to others in the South Jordan area -- both because we want all brides to get the very best services for their needs, but also because we're supremely confident we're the ones best-suited to provide them in nearly every case. Here are some of the top elements that signal a high-quality bridal store you can feel good about working with.

History, References and Reviews

First and foremost, you want to know that other brides have had a positive experience with the bridal store you're considering. The very best way to learn about and measure this is to read and examine all available reviews and testimonials of any given business -- if a business has nothing listed, or only a few reviews that don't appear genuine, it's not likely they provide quality services overall.

On the other hand, positive reviews and a long history of satisfied customers are a good indication that the bridal store knows what they're doing and delivers on their promises. Checking out the business' website or social media presence is another great way to get an idea of how reputable they are; you can also lean on word-of-mouth if close friends or family have had a great experience with a certain bridal store.

Variety of Services Offered

Another key element to look for in a quality bridal store is whether they offer a wide variety of services. This can range from custom wedding dress design and tailoring to offering different types of gowns, veils, accessories and more. If a store only has a limited selection or caters to a very specific type of bride, they may not be the best option for you.

Designer Collections

Why waste time with a bridal shop that doesn't stock high-end, designer collections? A store that takes pride in their work will want to showcase the best of the best, and that's what you should be looking for. When you're trying on wedding dresses, you'll feel like a princess if they have gowns from top designers.

Privacy and Guests Allowed

You also want to ensure that any bridal shop you consider is respectful of your privacy. If you want to bring friends with you when trying on dresses, you should be allowed to do so; likewise, if you'd prefer not to have guests present, the store shouldn't pressure you otherwise. You may also wish for them to keep any photos or videos they take discreet and private, an element that is again at the discretion of the business.

For more on the qualities that signal a great bridal shop, or to learn about any of our wedding gowns or other bridal services, speak to the team at Versailles Atelier today.

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