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There are many things to consider when choosing a wedding date. It is likely the availability at your venue of choice will dictate the date you get hitched. However there are several other elements you will want to consider when making the decision. 

Picking a wedding date

How soon after getting engaged do you pick a date? 

We should be clear there isn’t a hard and fast rule here. According to Verragio, the average length of an engagement is one year to 18 months. That said, there are some couples who like to enjoy their engagement, while others prefer to get straight to work. 

Either way, how long you wait post engagement to pick a date is less important than how much time there is between when you send out ‘save-the-dates’ and the actual wedding. 

Be sure to give guests ample time to plan ahead and request time off work and book travel if necessary. 

Wedding date tips

Check-in with the VIPs

Your VIPs are the ones you couldn’t picture your big day without. Before you choose a date, make sure it works for those individuals you feel is a must-attend. 

Talk to your vendors 

If there is a key vendor you can’t imagine having your big day without, be sure to check their availability on your chosen wedding date before making it official. 

Pick your desired wedding season

If you have flexibility with your wedding date, we recommend choosing a wedding season first. Consider the climate of your wedding location; for example, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, then you’ll want to choose a season with clear skies. Weather not only affects your wedding’s style and location, it can also help set a mood. 

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