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New Style--The Black Wedding Dress

New Style--The Black Wedding Dress


The black wedding dress is quickly becoming the new wedding dress color choice for engaged brides. One way to stand out and be unique can be by wearing a non-traditional color. Most brides worry that the color black will make it look like they are attending a funeral, not a wedding. But with the help of Versailles Atelier Bridal in South Jordan, UT you’ll be looking like a blushing bride no matter what color you choose to wear for your wedding day.


Why black is the best choice for your wedding dress


In color psychology, the color black represents power, mystery, sophistication and elegance. Most formal wear attire is made in black (think the little black dress) and revered as a classic and sophisticated style. If the LBD can never go out of style, maybe that’s the reason black is the best color choice for a wedding dress. Plus, having a wedding gown in a non-traditional color gives you the ability to re-wear the dress for a formal occasion.


All the color options!


With the help of our designers Elizabeth Lee, as well as Eliza Jane Howell, we can offer wedding gowns in an array of colors, especially black! You can choose from sleek, simple designs all the way to over-the-top beaded, glitter covered lace wedding dresses. Plus, with our fully customizable options we can help you create the perfect one-of-a-kind black wedding dress of your dreams! 


Black Wedding Dress

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