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Trunk shows benefit all brides

Trunk shows are a unique element to the wedding dress shopping experience. A trunk show is when a bridal salon has a more complete or full range of gown samples on hand from a specific bridal designer.

It gives brides an opportunity to find their dress from a selection of gowns that typically isn’t in the boutique and are only there for a limited time for the trunk show.

Trunk shows are usually organized for a long-weekend or a whole week to give brides a chance to find their dream gown. 

Trunk shows vs. traditional wedding dress shopping

Aside from having more gowns to try on, a bridal salon visit during a trunk show differs very little from a standard salon visit. You’ll book your appointment, peruse the racks, and try on your faves. 

However the major difference between regular dress shopping and trunk shows can be the price.  A trunk show purchase typically comes with a discount (industry standard is 10%), and, thanks to business contracts between design houses and the bridal shops that carry them, discounts are not common in this industry.

During a Trunk Show bridal boutiques usually offer 5-10% discount on the Trunk Show gowns and oftentimes also on their accessories.

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