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Barbara Kavchok

On their wedding day, everyone ought to have the chance to express who they are and to be at their best.

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Barbara Kavchok Wedding Dress

On their wedding day, everyone ought to have the chance to express who they are and to be at their best.

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About Barbara Kavchok

Barbara Kavchok is a wedding gown designer whose objective is to make it acceptable for brides to express themselves via high fashion. Her objective is to make wedding-day luxury available to all brides, not just the affluent and famous at red carpet events. Barbara was raised in the bridal industry since her mother, Eugenia, was a prominent and well-known bridal designer. Barbara was introduced to the craft of dressmaking at a young age, designing gowns for her paper dolls and Barbies while witnessing her mother sew gowns for many beautiful brides throughout the years.

Barbara went on to pursue fine art and illustration at Philadelphia's University of the Arts, where she got traditional instruction in painting and drawing. She worked as a mural painter and fine artist after college before learning her true passion was to design fresh dresses for new generations of brides. She worked as an apprentice for her mother at Eugenia Couture for six years until becoming Chief Designer in 2012. Barbara celebrated the debut of her own business, Barbara Kavchok, in 2016.

Barbara's distinct viewpoint on design stems from her degree in fine arts and her experience working with her mother. She was educated to create with the bride in mind, and all of the designs that come out of her workshop in Historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, are made using sustainable design principles and ethically sourced materials and textiles to this day. Barbara's workshop is a real representation of her mother's tradition as well as her own love for crafting gorgeous, timeless bridal dresses. Each gown that leaves the Pennsylvania workshop is handcrafted and constructed of only the best materials.

Barbara Kavchok Style

Barbara Kavchok's brand reflects her passion and attention to making every woman feel special on their wedding day. Her creations are one-of-a-kind, exquisite, and timeless, expressing the personality of each bride. Barbara's ambition is to make luxury available to every bride, to create a world in which every woman may express herself via high fashion on her wedding day.

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