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Versailles Atelier was opened with the mindset of every body is a bridal body; there’s no one kind of person who gets married. The diversity of individuals who look for luxury wedding gowns should have the opportunity to shine their inner bride. We pride ourselves on understanding your needs, emotions and dreams. Versailles Atelier is a space for everyone to express their happiness and find a dress to match. We are here to celebrate with each of our brides as they enter a union of love and joy.


Versailles (“Ver-sye”): is a city in north central France neear Paris; the Palace of Versailles was built by Louis XIV in the 17th century. It is more famously known as the home of Queen Marie Antionette. 


Atelier (“Uh-teh-lee-ei”): is a workshop or studio, especially of an aritist, artisan or designer. 



It all started with a white dress. Natasha can vividly remember when her obsession with bridal first began at the age of three. 

Her dream was to open a business where she could make people feel beautiful on one of the most important days of their lives. In 2010 Natasha started working as a bridal consultant but was committed to a full time corporate position. 

She fell head over heels for the bridal business way of life. Natasha loved having the opportunity to make brides feel important and beautiful while choosing the wedding dress of their dreams. 

While her dream was still in the back of her mind she met her second love, Sean. Sean and Natasha have joked they never liked anything easy in life and so their story began. 

Natasha soon found out she had developed chronic migraines from her corporate job so Sean asked her why she hadn’t opened her business yet. Natasha told him she couldn’t open a business on a minimum wage job with bills to pay. 

In a smoke screen, Sean was able to clear the air completely; he told Natasha money shouldn’t be an issue and that she needs to follow her passions. In 2012, Natasha quit the corporate job and went back to Salt Lake City Community College to pursue a fashion degree for bridal. 

Full of support, empathy, and everlasting love the two decided to marry in June of 2013 just after a year of dating. Natasha knew he would be the one to support her in life and the trials of opening her business.

College graduation, a deployment, three kids, and a business plan later Natasha and Sean finally felt confident enough to bring their plan to a bank. In 2018, the two brought their business plan for Versailles Atelier to a bank where they were met with nothing but excitement. 

By fall of 2019 the couple was doing everything they were told to in order to bring the business to life and start thinking about opening. However by August 2020, the banks had all shut down their loans to start PPP relief for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In a panic, the couple ended up having to take out personal loans to buy inventory while they figured out where to get a business loan. Natasha and Sean then found one local Utah bank who was willing to write out a loan; the bank has been their supporter from the beginning. 

Not only was the bank supportive but their landlord, friends, and family all knew Natasha was meant to open a bridal shop. After opening doors in October of 2020, Natasha has helped hundreds of brides find their inner beauty and a dream gown in the process. 

The takeaway? If Natasha and Sean could open a thriving business in a global pandemic, you can do anything. 

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