General collection price range: $1,500 – $5,000

Subtle contemporary elegance with a sense of purity and beauty perfectly describes Amy Mair’s gowns. The innovative designs evoke emotion with a nod to dramatic theater, vintage wear, poetry, and European fashion. Amy Mair prides herself on being a sustainable bridal wear company; she recycles one dress from each collection and donates all unused samples.


Amy Mair uses ethereal fabrics to create chic silhouettes with easy elegance making each gown both timeless and of-the-moment. Nature is at the forefront of creativity and mind for Mair; she is fully sustainable and ethically sound in her brand. 

All wedding gowns are made in the atelier to achieve artisan quality workmanship and traditional couture production. To reduce, reuse, and recycle, Mair has pledged to recycle one dress from each collection per year. Additionally Mair’s “No Waste Policy” means any unused samples are donated to a local charity. 

Mair strives to run her business as ethically as possible. She makes a conscious effort to understand the production of fabrics and their composition. Her goal is to introduce sustainably made options wherever they can. 


Amy Mair Couture strives to design and create luxurious bridal wear featuring haute couture and high end collections. The designs are intricate, delicate, and powerful. 

Mair wants the innovative designs to evoke emotion from within; while incorporating a nod to dramatic theater, vintage wear, poetry and European fashion. Her collections are all inspired by nature and travel. 

Her gowns have an ethereal feel with a sense of beauty and purity. The signature style of Amy Mair is subtle contemporary elegance; a balance of flowing movement in fabrics and a bohemian alternative charm. 

Amy Mair’s pieces are made specially for the non confirmative yet modernistic bride with a passion for nature and timeless designs.




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