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6 Things to know before your wedding gown appointment

6 Things to know before your wedding gown appointment

Now that you're engaged we know one of the first things you'll think about is trying on wedding gowns. But there are some things you need to know before you book your appointment at your local bridal shop. Here are our top '6 things you should know before your wedding gown appointment'.

1. Do your research

Before you book your appointment, spend some time researching wedding gown designers you may like. Most designers will have a ‘stockist’ location map that you can search for a retailer near you. Besides looking for a designer that you like, also look for inspiration on gown silhouettes (fitted style vs. ballgown style), possible necklines (v-neck or square neck) and fabrics (lace, glitter, crepe, satin, etc). That way you have a baseline of the type of wedding gown designer style you are looking for. Pinterest, Instagram or Google are all great tools for researching wedding dress inspiration.

2. Understanding your budget 

One thing you should never use Pinterest (or most online only retailers) for is looking at wedding gown prices. A lot of online retailers have poorly made, inexpensive wedding gowns but use high-end designer images to capture their audience's attention. One way to find realistic gown prices with designers you are interested in is to either call the retailer nearest you and ask if they can give a price range over the phone. Or, you can use google and type in keywords like ‘what does {insert designer name} wedding dress cost?” and it will either direct you to the designers site or a forum with relatable information. It’s great to know what your potential dream dress would cost so you know how to adjust your budget.

3. Who should I bring to my dress appointment?

As soon as anyone gets a whiff that you are interested in dress shopping, they will start asking you to be invited. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a dozen family/friends who feel it is ‘their right’ to be involved in your wedding gown shopping. The more people you invite, the more ideas and opinions will be thrown your way. Before you say ‘yes’ to anyone attending the appointment with you, give the bridal shop a call to see how many persons they will allow you to bring. Our store has enough space to accommodate 6, while others may only allow 2 or 3. Some shops may ask you to book a private appointment if you want to have a large group which would come at a cost. Once you know how many you are able to invite use this to choose the most important and supportive persons that you want with you. Don’t feel bad saying ‘no’ to anyone that wouldn't have your best interest. This moment is once-in-a-lifetime and should be shared with the people you trust the most.

4. Keep an open mind

The day is here! And your bridal consultant cannot wait to help you ‘find the one’. You’ve done your research, you know what styles you are interested in as well as your budget. You’re prepped and ready to try on dresses. Even though we’ve told you how important it is to do research before your gown appointment, we also ask that you keep an open mind. Your consultant is there to do just that–consult you and guide you through the shopping experience. Sometimes a certain description word you give or a detail about the venue can spark an idea. Sometimes the wild card is everything you needed in a gown, but didn’t know you wanted. It can be a gamble to trust the consultant, especially if the wild card is everything you said you didn’t want. But sometimes trying on the opposite can either show you what the other gowns were lacking or solidify that your vision is the right one for you.

5. Trust your gut

Even with all of the research, all of the family/friend support, as well as the guidance from your bridal consultant, your best and most reliable tool is your gut. Why? Because she has been there with you through all the ups and downs. Your gut knows you best. Allow her to be your most trusted advisor as you try each and every gown on. If you are wearing a gown and you feel your absolute best, then trust that gut feeling. If everyone is trying to convince you that a gown they love is right for you, but you don’t feel like it is, trust your gut feeling.

6. Don’t be scared to say ‘Yes to the Dress’

Everything you’ve done has led you to this moment–the potential ‘Yes’. We know it can be a scary thing to say that 3 letter word, but don’t be scared. Why? Because you took the time to prepare yourself before booking this appointment. Some brides feel they can’t say yes because they didn’t have that tearful moment, but don’t always believe everything you see on tv–not everyone has a super emotion-filled moment before they say ‘Yes’. Others may get jitters that they didn’t try enough on or need to go to more appointments, because ‘what if there is something else out there’. If your consultant did her job right, she took the time to understand your wants, likes and dislikes and found you your perfect gown. Enjoy this momentous occasion beautiful! Trust that gut of yours and say yes to your dress!

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