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Choosing Your Entourage for Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping is so exciting! You don’t want anything to spoil your fun. That’s why you must be careful about whom you allow to accompany with you on this quest. The team at Versailles Atelier has seen it all with regards to bridal dress shopping, and we have some words of wisdom for you.

Who Not to Bring Bridal Dress Shopping

If your mom is super critical, difficult and generally not fun, don’t bring her wedding dress shopping — especially if you think she’ll force you to buy a dress you don’t like.

We understand that this may be a difficult time to break with tradition and stand up to your mom, so a good alternative is to go shopping without her and don’t tell her, then go with her another time and try on whatever she wants and let her buy you lunch after.

The same goes for your mother-in-law to be. She will probably be less bossy, but if she’s not fun, leave her at home. And your sister too (if she’s bossy).

You would think it would be easy to go wedding dress shopping in Salt Lake City without friends you don’t like who tend to make you feel small. But likely you have one or two of these in your wedding party. Whether they’re sisters of the groom or girls you used to like in high school that you have to have as bridesmaids because you were bridesmaids for them, don’t bring them. If they get mad and drop out of the wedding, good for you.

Who to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

Bring supportive, sensible, fun people you like when you go bridal dress shopping. A supportive friend or relative will love whatever you love. They won’t tell you that maybe ivory is not right for your skin tone, or that a certain silhouette doesn’t flatter your figure.

The sensible friend is there to make sure you don’t spend twice what you planned because you have been drinking champagne in the limo all afternoon.

And fun people are just fun to have around!

The Sentimental Factor

You might think you’re missing out if you don’t bring your mom wedding dress shopping. You fantasize that she will look at you as you emerge from the dressing room and shed a tear of joy at how beautiful you look and give you a big hug and tell you how much she loves you.

But realistically, what are the odds of that? Of course you know her best, and if you’re sure she won’t comment on your size, tattoos, style, etc., then load her into the limo with your friends!

Plus, we have seen many mothers and daughters who get along famously well, share the same taste and have oodles of fun together, and if that’s the case for you, you’ve got a built-in shopping companion!

Whoever you choose for your wedding dress shopping entourage, bring them to Versailles Atelier in South Jordan for a one-of-a-kind wedding dress shopping experience.

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