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How to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

As a premier bridal shop in South Jordan, Versailles Atelier Bridal now offers wedding dress preservation services. Ranging from $250-$395 our skilled staff will safely package up your dress, as well as a few accessories, and ship it to our preservation company. Once your gown is ready it will be beautifully displayed in a vacuum sealed box where she will stay wedding day ready for the next 100 years! Want to learn more? Call or inquire in our “contact us” with our online inquiry form.

If you would like to perform these tasks without our help, let us give you some tips for preserving your bridal gown…

Why You Should Clean Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is a day you will always remember. Besides showing your family, friends and any future children you may have your wedding day photos, another piece you will want to show off is your wedding dress. Even if your wedding is at an indoor venue, your dress can get quite dirty. You also could get make up transfer from all the hugs, sweat from all the dancing and wine from all the drinking.

It is always a good idea to take your wedding dress to a professional cleaning company following the wedding day. There are many in your local community that are able to do such a service, including Versailles Atelier Bridal in South Jordan, UT. 

Protecting Your Wedding Dress

The best way to protect your bridal dress at your South Jordan wedding is to plan ahead. Although you will want to have your wedding dress cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding by a dry cleaner with experience in cleaning wedding gowns, the job will be easier if you are able to keep your dress as stain-free as possible.

Some of the hardest stains to get out of fabrics are chocolate, grease, lipstick, blood, red wine, tomato sauce, grass and red dye. Are you serving food at your wedding with red sauce? We suggest you skip that course. Don’t let anyone with a glass of red wine come near you, and stay away from maraschino cherries as well.

Most wedding cakes are not chocolate (as delicious as this choice is), but even vanilla cake can leave a stain, as the frosting likely will have butter in it. If you must eat foods containing grease, eat carefully over the table.

Opting to buy a bridal dress in Salt Lake City that has a train can also make for a stain challenge. Even though dresses with trains are usually equipped with snaps or clips to keep them off the floor after the ceremony, it may be too late by then, especially if your wedding is outdoors. Your train or even your hem may get dirt or grass stains on it. Don’t spray any sort of scotchgard on your wedding dress as it could cause discoloration to the gown. 

Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

Designate a friend or family member to rush your dress to the nearest qualified dry cleaner as soon as you take it off. Fresh stains are much easier to remove than stains that have set in.

Many dry cleaners specialize in cleaning and preserving wedding gowns. These dry cleaners are skilled in spotting and removing stains others can’t see, such as white wine, which if not promptly removed, can show up years later as a dark stain.

Another option we provide through Versailles Atelier in South Jordan is bridal gown cleaning and preservation packages. If your designated family member brings your gown straightway to our store, we will mark all dirt, food, beverages, etc. on your gown. We then ship your dress to Connecticut to have professionals fully dry clean your gown, then package it up into an airtight box to prevent any of the yellowing and natural aging process that can come from keeping your dress in a bag. Plus, our gown preservation company has a 100 year guarantee on all of their preservation packages meaning if you do not tamper the seal on the box, your dress will stay healthy and yellow free for up to 100 years!

DIY Wedding Dress Preservation

If you choose to DIY wedding gown preservation, make sure you have the right materials on hand. You’ll want silica gel packs to be put inside the box to prevent moisture from building up and causing your dress to mildew.

Choose an acid-free container, especially if your gown contains cotton fibers. Cotton is more vulnerable to exposure to acid, and the fibers can break down over time. If the box you want to store your wedding gown in has a window that allows you to see the dress through the box, make sure you store it away from sunlight to avoid fading.

Avoid hanging your dress on a hanger as well, even if you use black plastic to cover and protect it. Spending years on a hanger will damage the shape of your dress.

Even though you can find videos online that would teach you how to preserve your wedding dress, we never suggest doing this yourself. It is hard to know the exact fiber content of every layer of your dress, as well as how they will respond to the preservation process which includes when you try to spot clean or machine wash your dress. It is so important to trust the experts as they will know how to safely and properly clean and protect your dress from signs of aging.

Use a Local Dry Cleaner Who Offers a Preservation Service

Here in Salt Lake City we have quite a few professional dry cleaning companies. Most of these companies do offer gown preservation services. They will more than likely include their professional dress cleaning services when you purchase a gown preservation service. Why? Because they will want to ensure that your dress is free from all wedding day activities that could have caused dirt and grime to attach to your wedding dress. If a wedding dress is preserved with food stains or dirt on the bottom of the dress, it may not age well. And they cannot give a guarantee that the dress will last.

One benefit of keeping it local is there are no shipping costs. If you use our cleaning and preservation services here at Versailles Atelier Bridal you will be charged for shipping both to the facility as well as back to our store. Our company takes about 1-2 weeks to care for your gown before you receive it back. 

Best Bridal Shop in South Jordan

Your children — or your grandchildren or even your great-grandchildren — will be thrilled you took the time and trouble to preserve the stunning wedding gown you bought at Versailles Atelier, serving brides in Salt Lake City, South Jordan and all of northern Utah. 

Being able to pass down an heirloom gown from generation to generation is one thing to consider if you are wanting to preserve your wedding gown. There are many brides in today’s world who are opting into wearing their mothers or grandmothers wedding dresses. 

For more information about cleaning and preserving your wedding gown, talk to the professional team at Versailles Atelier today.

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