Shop your local bridal boutique instead of bridal chains

Every small local business has its own personality and spunk by embodying a unique local culture that isn’t found anywhere else. 

Shopping for your wedding dress is a once in a lifetime experience; that alone makes it special. When you shop at a local bridal boutique like Versailles Atelier for your wedding dress, it can elevate the experience. 

In the bridal world we live in today with bridal shop chains and online wedding dress shopping, the benefits of choosing a bridal boutique are often overlooked. 

Reasons to shop local for your wedding dress 

Unique and exclusive

We consistently hear and see that you can find just about anything online; it's true, you can and so can everyone else. Every bride wants a dress so unique that no one else has, it is hers alone. 

By shopping at a local bridal boutique, the shop is more likely to carry the unique dress that no one else has. Bridal boutiques like Versaille Atelier carry designer dresses that aren’t available in the bridal shop chains. 

The personal touch

Shopping at a local bridal boutique ensures a personalized experience. The bridal boutique is in tune with your needs and the consultants are ready to dedicate one-on-one time with you. 

There are no robotic customer support hotlines, automated messages or being branded with an order number instead of your name. At a bridal boutique, you will have the undivided attention of your bridal consultant. 

While bridal chain shops also hold appointments with their stylists, nothing will compare to the intimacy of a bridal boutique. Oftentimes, the owner will be involved in the appointment to ensure the bride is taken care of and properly pampered. 

Your local bridal consultants are personally invested in your experience and will go the extra ile to ensure brides are thrilled with their wedding day ensemble. 

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