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Wedding dress cost factors

Wedding dress cost factors take into account what fabrics are used, where they are sourced from, and how many hands went into making the gown.

Those factors are all essential to paying for all costs of goods and livelihood of the workers involved. Each dress in Versailles Atelier started as a creative thought that led a designer to sketch it, a pattern maker to design it, all so a textile designer could create the right materials to bring the vision to life. 

Wedding dress cost

One of the first things a bride does when they are on their quest for the dress is to start with Pinterest or Google searches for wedding gowns. While looking at gorgeous dresses it may give you an idea of your bridal style but it does not give you a sense of how much a wedding dress can cost. 

Before you start wedding dress shopping, we recommend setting a budget for yourself; no budget can lead to a broken heart or a broken bank account. Doing research on average gown costs in your area will help you understand the cost of wedding dress in your local bridal shops. 

At Versailles Atelier, our gowns range from $1,500 to $14,000. Here are some of the factors that go into the price of a wedding gown. 


There are certain fabrics that will be more expensive than others. We suggest doing your research on various wedding gown fabrics and their cost, especially if there is a specific fabric you’re looking to have in your wedding gown. 


Any kind of beading, lace appliques, buttons, etc. are all created by hand and then sewn onto the gown with a needle and thread. These embellishments will raise the price of any gown because it is an extra detail which entails more hands in creating the gown. 


The designer of the gown can factor most of the cost of the wedding dress. More well-known, popular designers will typically be more expensive than gowns that may be new or not as well-known. However, this may not always be the case. You can certainly find gowns from popular designers that fit into a lower budget. 


Wedding dresses from a brand new collection will likely have a higher price tag. However if you are looking at a dress from the previous year it will likely have a price reduction. 

Countless individuals are a part of bringing this wedding dress to life and we want to make sure these hands are paid a living wage for the work they do. The more handmade details that are incorporated in the gown, the higher the cost.

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