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Budgeting for Your Wedding Dress

At Versailles Atelier, we naturally place a lot of importance on wedding dresses — it’s our job! What that means to us is not selling our clients the most expensive wedding dress, but instead selling them the dress that’s right for them. One important consideration when wedding dress shopping in South Jordan, Utah, is how much you want to spend on a bridal gown.

Who Is Paying for Your Wedding Dress?

There are often many family members who contribute toward the cost of a wedding. Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for the wedding, and this is still the case with many families, but certainly not all. Today, the groom’s parents also may contribute, or if either set of parents is divorced and/or remarried, they and their new spouses may contribute as well.

Couples who get married a little bit later in life may pay for more of their own wedding themselves (and make more of their own choices!).

Often, funding a wedding can come down to who can afford to contribute. Your grandma may want to take you wedding dress shopping. Or maybe you mom or stepmom will, or maybe you’ll go with your sister or your friends, or even your spouse-to-be.

If someone other than you is paying for your wedding dress, ask them ahead of time what price range is acceptable to them so that you know what types of bridal gowns to start looking at. If you fall in love with a wedding dress outside of your benefactor’s budget, ask if they mind if you make up the difference so that you can have the bridal gown of your dreams on your big day.

Compromising to Get the Best Dress

Regardless of whether it’s you or someone else who is paying for your wedding dress, you may want to consider adjusting the cost relative to other wedding costs.

If you’re absolutely sure you want a designer wedding dress, look at other wedding expenses to see if you can trim somewhere to make up the cost. Can you invite fewer guests? Have a buffet instead of a sit-down dinner?

What Is Important to You?

We have to admit, we don’t see a lot of brides in our bridal boutique in South Jordan who don’t care about wedding dresses. But you may be the sort who is simply not into fashion. That’s completely fair and legitimate. If that’s the case, when you set your wedding budget, you may want to select a simple wedding dress that reflects your taste, and spend more money in another area that is more important to you.

One more piece of advice we have to give is: Don’t let anyone push you into getting a wedding dress you don’t like. It’s your big day — you should feel comfortable in your wedding gown.

Versailles Atelier is the premier wedding dress shop in South Jordan, selling designer wedding gowns, custom bridal gowns and modest wedding dresses for clients throughout the greater Salt Lake City area. Make an appointment today!

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