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Why Do Wedding Dresses Cost So Much?

When you’re shopping for your bridal gown in South Jordan, you may ask yourself, why do wedding dresses cost so much? If you think it is because they are so beautiful and bedazzled, you are partly right, but there is more to it than that. The team at Versailles Atelier explains below why bridal gowns are so expensive.

Wedding Gown Fabric

The fabrics that wedding gowns are traditionally made of — satin, chiffon, lace — are more luxurious than the fabric everyday dresses are made of. And this makes sense — your wedding is the most special day of your life, and you want to look amazing. After all, you wouldn’t want anyone to think you got your bridal gown at the mall, would you?

But it’s not just the type of fabric that affects the price of a wedding dress, it’s the amount. Wedding dresses often use many yards of fabric. They’re long — some even have a train — and many bridal gowns have several layers of fabric, helping to make skirts full and poofy.

Bridal Dress Adornments

Many bridal gowns are covered in stunning embellishments such as beads, rhinestones, crystals, pearls, appliques and other adornments. Often, these are painstakingly hand-sewn onto the wedding dress in a predetermined pattern.

Embellishments make a wedding gown look positively stunning, but they also add to the cost.

Wedding Dress Designers

Many of the designers who make the wedding gowns we sell here at Versailles Atelier in South Jordan hail from Europe, Asia or the Middle East. Shipping their creations across the ocean adds to the expense of a wedding gown. But this is precisely why designer wedding gowns are more prized — because they are not easy to get, and they are unique.

Bridal Gown Alterations

Every bridal gown needs alterations — that is, every bridal gown that isn’t bought off the rack. You want your wedding dress to fit perfectly because it’s so special. You will be wearing it all day long, everyone you know and love will see you in it and the pictures of your big day will last a lifetime.

Usually, brides have two or three fittings for their wedding gown. At the first fitting, the seamstress or tailor makes tucks to areas that need alterations. At the second fitting, the alterations have been made and the seamstress checks to see that they have been done correctly and the dress looks perfect on you. Many seamstresses and tailors recommend a third fitting, about a week or two before the wedding, just to double check that everything looks exactly as it should.

Preferred Bridal Shop in South Jordan

Some people ask why brides spend so much money on wedding dresses, but if you have been a bride or you are a bride to be, you already know the answer: You want to look stunning on your wedding day!

For an amazing selection of some of the most beautiful bridal gowns in South Jordan, visit Versailles Atelier today.

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